Monday, July 6, 2009

Gastric Bypass gas odor

Obesity is sneaking up on us. In 1991 no state in the USA had more than 20 % of its adults considered obese. Now the USA has only one state under 20%! These are the alarming results of a nation wide survey. It also points out the increased medical cost for obese individuals. As obesity increases so will gastric bypass surgeries. You'll find that more and more Americans will choose to go under the knife, with the hopes of increasing their chances of a healthier life. Like all surgeries, our expectations are high and we think this will be the miracle cure, but there will be unfortunate side effects. Gastric bypass surgery will help improve the quality of life, health and confidence of an obese individual but they'll have to deal with the side effect of uncontrollable flatulence / gas. That's where our company "Flat-D Innovations, Inc." will answer your calls. We've been able to assist many gastric bypass patients with our line of products. Our products are made of activated charcoal and will neutralize odors associated with flatulence / gas. Please come to our website ( and browse around to see if our products are suitable for your needs. Check out the entire article at
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