Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Flatulence discussion

Flatulence and body odors are difficult to talk about. We have a high percentage of people purchase our products for their loved ones. (Especially at Christmas time)
Here's an article----
Farts and yawns and bad breaths and body odor are all issues that we tend to not speak about because of embarrassment. Thank you for writing in about something that’s way too personal. You should speak to your husband, not in an insulting or in a way to embarrass him, but to just let him know that he needs to clean his bowels before he comes to sleep. Don’t operate about this from the standpoint of disgust and embarrassment, operate from the point of love and concern. When we say, we need to love the one in their good and bad times… it also means putting up with such moments. Maybe, I would not appreciate bad breaths and the sound or smell of the fart, but I would definitely appreciate that it comes as a part and parcel of the person I love. Speak to him, love. Speak to him. Also take the advice of a doctor, if need be.