Friday, April 5, 2013

Bedtime Flatulence

Saw this question on a blog post recently.--
For some reason during the day I am not gassy at all. But at night (esp. between the hours of 2-5am), my body likes to explode. It actually wakes up me and DH and is quite embarrassing. Is there anything that can be done??
Of course the typical solutions mentioned diet. What you eat is one of the reasons for increased smelly gas. We all want to eat what we want to eat. Unfortunately a healthy diet is one of the worst gas producers.
Fortunately Flat-D has come up with the Gas Sack. It is like a 1/2 sleeping bag. Wear it at night.
It is also easy to get out of quickly -just in case. It is made out of our exclusive activated charcoal cloth material. So the gas odor doesn't just float around inside the sack. The Gas Sack cloth actually absorbs the odor. The cloth is thin and breathable and does not make you hot inside.
Also see our Youtube video.