Monday, January 30, 2023

‘Stinky Grandad’ reveals ‘really, really bad’ farts affecting private and professional life: ‘I’ve tried everything’

 We hate to read that someone tried everything. He has not tried a flatulence deodorizer pad.

He may have tried dietary items or OTC medicine. Ours does not have side effects and it works for everyone if used properly.

Craig revealed that he gets ‘a lot of wind during the night’ and goes to the toilet ‘around 10 times a day.’

He continued: ‘My farts are really bad during the night sometimes. It’s really really bad. Uncomfortable.’

My partner will flick the quilt in the middle of the night and say, “Craig, you’ve done it again.” The window will be opened. Spraying sprays. The door open get the air through the rooms to get it clear.

‘It does affect my private life and my professional life as a firefighter. If we’re out and about as soon as I get back, I need to use a toilet.’

Craig said he was ‘desperate’ to find out ‘what’s up with his stomach’, revealing he had tried everything, from intolerance tests to cutting out dairy.

He also confessed he was known as Stinky Grandad because of his relentless farting by his grandson.

After undoing tests, which came back normal, and receiving advice from the experts, Craig overhauled his diet.

Fortunately, it worked, with Craig now having a largely plant-based diet which he said made him fart less, as well as giving the flatulence a clean odor.