Monday, October 31, 2011

McAvoy broke wind in front of Jolie

Once again if these stars would wear a Flatulence Deodorizer by they would not have all these disgusting stories about their lack of control of flatulence.
Scottish actor James Mcavoy was forced to apologise to his Wanted co-star Angelina Jolie after he suffered a bad bout of flatulence on-set.

The Atonement star bulked up for his role in the 2008 action film by eating a lot of meat and drinking protein shakes, but the diet had an unpleasant side effect and he was left red-faced after breaking wind in front of the glamorous actress.

He tells TV host Graham Norton, "There was a lot of eating too much meat and drinking too much protein shake... They (producers) leave you on set shooting a scene in a car for three days... Which is fine... but eventually you have to get this protein shake out of you and it always comes out as flatulence.

"So you're in this car for three days, and for a large portion of these three days, Angelina Jolie is in the car with you. And eventually after a day and a half or so, you have to turn to her and go, 'Listen, I'm sorry, it's not my fault that you just got into this car or that my protein shake just said hello. I'm really, really sorry. How are Brad and the kids by the way?'...

"She was great about it, she's got a good sense of humour and a terrible sense of smell."