Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cyclone’s rotting biological debris will create horrible odors

Our Mask-D is used to remove odors before you breath them, like cleaning the liter box or someones ostomy pouch. Here is a release about a bigger use of the product.

The tsunami in Sri Lanka and now the cyclone in Myanmar will likely create much decaying biological matter. Relief workers need to be able to work in these conditions without unfavorable reactions. Flat-D Innovations makes an odor control mask so they can continue their relief activities safely and comfortably.

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA –May 10, 2008— A couple of weeks after the tsunami in Sri Lanka, the relief workers had to work in the area of the decaying biological debris, (Dead bodies, plants, animals). The hazardous conditions were extremely unpleasant and unsanitary. These conditions were difficult for the aid-workers and the odors were intolerable. Relief agencies contacted Flat-D Innovations, Inc for a proven effective solution, their Odor Mask, which is made out of an activated charcoal material.

Flat-D Innovations, Inc is gearing up in anticipation of the calls from various relief agencies, to help them cope with this unfortunate disaster. The cyclone-damaged area of Myanmar will likely have similar conditions, due to the damage, unsanitary conditions, and death toll.

Brian Conant, President of Flat-D Innovations, Inc says “Our product called “Mask-D” is a odor control mask made of activated charcoal cloth, which neutralizes the worst of odors.” The use of activated charcoal is spreading throughout the world, from protecting our military in a chemical warfare environment, filtering water, removing toxins from the body and even to the point of removing the odors caused by flatulence!

About Flat-D Innovations, Inc.
Flat-D Innovations is a 5 year old privately held company located in Cedar Rapids Iowa. They are the market leader in the specialty odor control products segment utilizing activated charcoal cloth material. The company has developed many variations of intestinal gas odor control products for women, ostomy, and gastric bypass patients. Their products are doctor recommended, patented, FDA registered and will improve your quality of life.

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