Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Stinky farts in bed

 This article shows that it is the smell not the sound that is the problem. A Flat-D pad is great at removing the odor but surprisingly it also muffles the sound.

A married woman revealed that her husband allegedly called her flatulence “absolutely revolting” — after only farting once in front of him during their nine-year relationship.
“After hearing his very strong thoughts on the topic, I made a mental note to ensure my own expelling of gas was done in a very private matter and contained within the bathroom and toilet or until he was not around to smell it,” she wrote.
That is, until one night, her “guard was down” and the “post-pizza gasses” came back to haunt her. Lying in bed next to her husband, she accidentally let one rip — and was met with a disgusted look.