Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Female odors: We can help!

Activated charcoal has been used for years in many different varieties such as lining for chemical protective garments (military) to prevent contamination, hunting garments to prevent the animal from picking up the scent of the hunter, air and water purification systems and many more. At Flat-d Innovations we’ve created a unique use for the activated charcoal cloth and developed a health product that will absorb and eliminate/neutralize odors associated with flatulence. Through research and development we have also developed products to address female odor. Females are definitely more concerned about unwanted bodily odors, as compared to their male counterparts. Females need to be concerned with vaginal/feminine odor especially during their menstrual cycle. Flat-D Innovations has developed products to absorb and neutralize these odors. Our goal is to assist individuals in eliminating the embarrassment associated with flatulence and feminine odors. Flat-D Innovations continues to push forward in revolutionizing the personal hygiene industry, by using the high tech development of this material to benefit those with ailments that cause excessive flatulence or feminine odors.