Monday, April 28, 2014

Flat-D review

We just received another fabulous review.
Donna from Chicago

Rating: Excellent
Price Rating:Excellent
Shipping Options Rating:Excellent
Delivery Rating:Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent
Customer Service Rating:Excellent
Body:Best product I have ordered online! Gave the results I was after at a price I could afford!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Flat-D new website

After months of work our new website is up today. It is mobile friendly too.  Let us know what you think.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Flatulence after surgery, loses job.

We receive many calls about people having trouble with others at work because of their flatulence odors. Buy a Flat-D pad and others wont smell the gas odor. Read article below--

An opera singer is out of work after a routine surgery left her unable to sing without farting.

Amy Herbst, who has performed at the Nashville Opera Company, filed suit against Fort Campbell's Blanchfield Army Community Hospital earlier this month, claiming that the episiotomy she received during child birth last February caused her to lose control of her flatulence and, on occasion, bowel movements.
The surgery, which cuts the tissue between the anus and vagina to help the delivery of the baby, did not heal properly, leaving the soprano with a "complete breakdown of the episiotomy and perineum and the external sphincter is disrupted and the vagina and rectum are basically connected without any perineal body." Yikes.
The "complete breakdown" has obvious ramifications for Herbst's job. From her lawsuit: "As a result of her incontinence and excessive flatulence, Herbst has been unable to work as a professional opera singer."
"She is suffering though a very embarrassing and very significant injury, and frankly, the prognosis of a fully successful repair is pretty low," Herbst's attorney, Charles Allen, told theArmy Times.
Herbst and her husband are seeking $2.5 million in damages.