Sunday, April 3, 2011

Home remedies for stomach gas

Flat-D is not exactly a home remedy but it is a simple non-medicinal solution for gas odor.

Gas can sometimes be uncomfortable and inconvenient too. It is possible to get rid of stomach gas with the help of some home remedies.

Changing your diet and the way you eat can be great for the prevention of gas. Chew your food more slowly and thoroughly and avoid eating too fast. If you do not chew your food properly and eat too fast, it will result in accumulation of gas, as you tend to swallow a lot of air when you eat fast.

By changing your diet, you can do a great deal toward reducing your pain from digestive problems. Many foods contain bacteria that are actually good for your intestine and will help it work more efficiently. You also need to watch the food you eat as some foods cause a lot of gas. Avoid foods that may cause indigestion. Foods such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and beans cause gas, so avoid, or minimize these in your diet. Avoid consuming foods such as dairy products, soda content drinks, beer, and other food products that cause stomach gas.

The most significant home remedy for gas is garlic soup. Garlic helps to increase digestion and reduces formation of intestinal gas. Grind together little garlic with black pepper, coriander seeds,

Add yogurt in your daily diet. Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria that aid digestion. Make a habit of eating yogurt, sour cream, and other fermented dairy products.

Ginger root is good medicine for many discomforts including intestinal gas. Ginger root contains digestive enzymes and stimulates saliva production. Eating ginger pieces with salt throughout the day will keep you away from gas problems.

Drinking coconut water is very effective for intestinal gas problems.

The parsley herb helps to aid digestion, expel gas, and freshen breath. Make parsley tea as a home remedy for stomach gas, or chew a few parsley leaves after a meal.

Celery seeds may help reduce intestinal gas and hence, alleviate a nervous stomach. Chewing some celery seeds would help in releasing the blocked gas for getting relief from stomach bloating.

Ginger and garlic combination is very effective for gas problems. Take 3 cloves of garlic and some pieces of ginger in the morning in an empty stomach.

Daily intake of tomato salad with your food is very helpful to get rid of gas. If you eat tomato with black salt then it will be more effective.

Peppermint is used to aid in digestion and soothe an upset stomach. It helps expel gas from the digestive system.

Boil powered cinnamon in a glass of water. Take this while it is warm at least half an hour before your meal. This will help prevent the intestinal gas formation.

Eating basil leaf paste with water is very helpful for gas and indigestion problems.

After your meals, chew up some pieces of ginger that is soaked in lemon juice to cure stomach gas.

If you experience gas pain then you can massage some fennel oil on your belly to relieve the gas pain.

Stress is one of the major causes of gas formation. So, try to relax and take your mind off tension.

It is possible to stimulate the passage of gas through the digestive tract by maintaining a regular exercise program in the form of walking, jogging, and aerobics. If the stomach gas problem is severe, perform chest-to-knee stretches to drive out painful gas. Yoga is also very helpful in relieving and controlling stomach gas problems.