Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Flat-D Gas Patch Remedy

 Some people call a Flat-D pad a gas patch.

Our product is much more than a patch.
It is a helpful remedy for gas odor.
After so many Christmas celebrations, it is very likely that we feel light and rather bloated. Although an indisputable part of the season is enjoying the emblematic and traditional Christmas dishes, and of course from one drink or another, it is normal for the body to suffer some consequences. Among the main affectations of course top the list those related to the functioning of the digestive system, the excesses of the season make us more likely to suffer from heaviness, inflammation, bloating and gas. Which is honestly most annoying. Based on this, we undertook the task of compiling 4 magnificent natural remedies for Eliminate these pesky digestive symptoms and survive the New Year’s Eve festivities with dignity.
1. Add turmeric to your daily diet
2. Reduce your salt intake and drink natural serums
3. Increase your potassium intake
4. Drink mint tea after every meal