Tuesday, February 23, 2016

We have another product line called www.Universaldeodorizer.com It uses activated charcoal cloth in a bag form to remove clothing odors. Here's bits of an article that talks about activated charcoal to remove odor from dank smelling clothes.
Ah yes, the dreaded "vintage smell"—you almost certainly know the one. It's the most common issue with vintage or secondhand clothing and accessories: that oddly specific musty smell. It may also be joined by a heavy perfume smell or the lingering scent of things one smokes, like cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or pot.
In the case of garments that are launderable, the solution to the problem is a pretty easy one: Wash the thing. Maybe add in a half cup of an odor eliminating laundry booster like white vinegar, Borax, or baking soda if the smell is especially pronounced. In the case of something like a leather jacket, or a bag, or a silk tie, washing isn't an option.
When it comes to removing smells from items that can't be washed and shouldn't even come in contact with a light spritzing or steaming, activated charcoal is the stuff you need. Activated charcoal also goes by the names activated carbon, active carbon, or active charcoal—they're all the same thing, so don't get tripped up by the various a.k.a.'s.
To use any of the activated charcoal products, you'll want to seal the stinking item in a lidded container, zipper bag, or trash bag along with the charcoal. Then leave it at least overnight, and up to a week depending on the strength of the smell that you're trying to eliminate. Give it the old sniff test to see how things are moving along.