Monday, June 4, 2012

QVC vote for Utility Bag product line called the Universal Deodorizer Utility Bag was selected for QVC Sprouts program. (New innovations) Their first step is to prove the item has general interest so they have a competition against other items. Please go to their website and vote for our product. Tell your friends too.,html If we win then the product will be placed on their website for sale. And then it might make it on air!!! Looks like you can only have one vote per computer. This Utility Bag was a winner of the Kansas City Invention Contest. It was a fast seller in the Magellans Travel Catalog. We have many testimonials on our site and on blogs. We have developed many variations of this activated charcoal cloth bag to absorb clothing odors, check out our website. It is a simple technology that really works well. Kids pads and shoes for soccer, hockey or football can smell fresh again. Hunters use it to remove human scents from their clothing. We used it to remove smoke odor out of my mothers fur.