Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dr Donohue mentions Flat-D again

Dr Donohue mentions as a nice solution for smelly intestinal gas. Here is the article.

Dear Dr. Donohue: I am in my 80s and have a problem. I had a car accident three years ago. Since then, I pass gas most of the time, and I can't hold it in. I am very embarrassed to go out of the house.

Please tell me what causes it, or what I can do to prevent it.

Dear Anon.: Flatulence, the passage of rectal gas, occurs 10-20 times a day for almost everyone. Some of that gas comes from swallowed air.

Eat food slowly to lessen the chances of getting air into the digestive tract. Most of the gas is due to the fermentation of foods by bacteria in the colon. A few illnesses are associated with excessive flatulence — celiac disease and pancreatic insufficiency being two examples.

The pancreas supplies enzymes to digest food. Without those enzymes, bacteria digest the food. I can't implicate the car accident as a cause.

Make a few adjustments to your diet. I'll name foods that are the most troublesome. Don't eliminate all of them at once.

Pick two or three, and keep them out of your diet for two weeks. If you don't note a reduction in gas by two weeks, start eating those foods again and eliminate three others. Milk products, including cheeses and ice cream, fruits and carbonated beverages are three foodstuffs to eliminate in trial one. After two weeks, if there's no whiff of change, go back to eating those foods, and stop eating beans, peas and pastas. If a third trial is necessary, get rid of cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. Brussels sprouts and lentils are other gas producers. If you note that you are gassy after particular foods, then erase them from your diet.

Have you tried Gas-X, Phazyme or Beano? Do so.

If all this comes to naught, other options are available. Flat-D Innovations Inc. makes a pad that is inserted into the underwear to absorb gas. The toll-free number is (866) 354-0056 and their website is

From The Detroit News: