Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Flat-D Gas Patch Remedy

 Some people call a Flat-D pad a gas patch.

Our product is much more than a patch.
It is a helpful remedy for gas odor.
After so many Christmas celebrations, it is very likely that we feel light and rather bloated. Although an indisputable part of the season is enjoying the emblematic and traditional Christmas dishes, and of course from one drink or another, it is normal for the body to suffer some consequences. Among the main affectations of course top the list those related to the functioning of the digestive system, the excesses of the season make us more likely to suffer from heaviness, inflammation, bloating and gas. Which is honestly most annoying. Based on this, we undertook the task of compiling 4 magnificent natural remedies for Eliminate these pesky digestive symptoms and survive the New Year’s Eve festivities with dignity.
1. Add turmeric to your daily diet
2. Reduce your salt intake and drink natural serums
3. Increase your potassium intake
4. Drink mint tea after every meal

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Flatulence log

 Wear a Flatulence Deodorizer and not have any problems. Otherwise this is some good advice

Q: In the afternoons I often have very loud gas.

I do eat breakfast, but sometimes skip lunch. Different over-the-counter meds have been mostly useless. The flatulence happens throughout the evening. What can you suggest?

A. The first step in overcoming gas is to keep a “fart chart.” People can be sensitive to different foods. For many, legumes are the culprit. For others it is wheat or barley, especially if they are sensitive to gluten. Milk sugar (lactose) is another potential problem. That’s why keeping track of flatulence and food triggers can be helpful.

You didn’t mention whether you are taking any medications. A surprising number of drugs can trigger flatulence.

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Farts smell bad, but a Flat-D pad can help pads are the most popular solution to remove that bad smelling gas odor.

 There are numerous reasons why your farts may smell bad. “While working to digest food, the body makes several byproducts, such as hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide,” Dr. O’Brien says. “When these gases are released from your body, they can cause odiferous farts.” Dietary decisions can play a role, i.e. particularly foul-smelling flatulence usually occurs when you eat fatty and unhealthy foods. And food allergies and/or sensitivities can make your gas smell. 

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Flatulence at the wrong time

 A Flatulence Deodorizer by can help with most smelly gas odor situations.

We all know the feeling. The telltale build-up of hydrogen and methane in your large intestine. The discomfort as the gases expand and the mortal dread that comes as the pressure builds. They want out. They’re going to evacuate, violently if necessary, from one end of the digestive tract or the other, as is nature’s way. But why now? Why here, in the middle of a job interview or the first meeting with your partner’s aristocratic parents?

Flatulence doesn’t care about your schedule, unfortunately. But it could be a lot worse than a burp over dinner or a bottom burp in an overpopulated elevator. 

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Stinking out bedroom

 We suggest this woman do a google search for Flat-D and or Flatulence Deodorizer. And give one to your husband.

A mum-to-be was raging after being forced to sleep on the sofa after her husband would 'not stop farting' and stinking out their bedroom.
She posted: "Ok I suspect I am being unreasonable, being 36 weeks pregnant and hormonal. But I have just spent yet another night on the uncomfortable sofa downstairs because DH will not stop farting and stinking out our bedroom.
"I'm not even joking, it smells so bad he just thinks it's funny. Then he gets mad at me for refusing to stay in the same room as his stench. He doesn't even try to hold them in! AIBU for expecting him to not stink out our bedroom every single night?"

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Flat-D helps vegetarians eat beans

 Flat-D gets a lot of calls an product orders from vegetarians. Here is a post we came across. (also a Flat-D pad can be cut for children size use)

We know the effects of childhood habits and preferences on health, and we observe that many of the foods we ate as children, healthy or not, continue in our adult diet because of cravings or feelings of comfort provided by the foods we associate with the family we were raised in.
I urge readers to consider eating more grains and legumes (beans may need to be added gradually to the diet to avoid flatulence) one or two days a week at a minimum — for your health and the health of the earth so that you will live longer and your descendants will still be able to inhabit this planet.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Vegetarian gas and climate change

 Flat-D is here to help during the transition towards lowering greenhouse gases. The Flatulence Deodorizer pad will remove the odors from the smelly been causing gases. No requests from ranchers for pads for cattle yet.

But now we are seeing, as an even stronger reason to eat less meat, how cattle contribute methane to global warming, causing our serious situation of climate change.

I urge readers to consider eating more grains and legumes (beans may need to be added gradually to the diet to avoid flatulence) one or two days a week at a minimum — for your health and the health of the earth so that you will live longer and your descendants will still be able to inhabit this planet.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Bug cant wear a Flat-D pad so it kills others with its farts.

 People wearing a Flat-D pad dont have to be concerned about being compared to this bug.

The small-but-mighty beaded lacewing larva wields silent-but-deadly flatulence to turn the tables on would-be predators.
When a larva comes across some termites, it raises its rear-end to the termite's head-height and releases a vapor-phase toxicant called an allomone which knocks them out, and the larva feasts on their frozen bodies. In essence, it farts them to death. Depending on how many unfortunate termites are downwind when the toxic toot fires off, a study found that the larva can actually take down multiple termites with a single poof.