Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Food allergy link to flatus

I found this article that relates food allergys to increased flatus production. This makes sense because when we eat certain foods we create more gas. Here it is.

Food intolerance could be the main reason people with chronic inflammation disease (CID) continue to suffer, scientists have revealed.
Research carried out by a team at York University and food allergy researchers YorkTest showed a vast improvement in people suffering from various inflammatory diseases after they identified and eliminated certain problem foods from their diet.
More than 75% of the 5,000 participants who took part in the study showed the improvement within three weeks of cutting out the foods, which were identified through an IgG antibodies test, commonly used to identify food intolerance.
Of the people who took part in the research, 91% saw improvement in flatulence/wind, 90% saw improved upset stomach symptoms, 88% had fewer general aches and pains, 87% were less fatigued, 84% had fewer rashes and 74% saw improved arthritis symptoms after changing their diet.
Those with IBS showed a significant reduction in stomach distension, bowel dysfunction and general well-being, and also showed a reduction in factors such as pain and fatigue.

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