Thursday, March 30, 2017

Wear a Flat-D pad when flying, you have been warned.
Several US airlines reserve the right to kick passengers off of a plane if they are have a bad odor. It’s just a line in a pages-long document known as the conditions or contract of carriage that airlines include on their websites.
Farting is benign, although awkward in close quarters. What’s worse is in airplanes, cabin pressure is lower than what we experience on the ground. Instead of being 760 mm Hg (one atmosphere), air cabin pressure mimics the pressure of being at 6,000 to 8,000 feet (1800–2400 meters) above sea level, or about 600 to 560 mm Hg. At lower pressures, gases—including those in your intestines—expand, Danish researchers explained in 2013. “This larger amount of intestinal gas will have to be released via the anus into the cabin air,” they write.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fart when you cough???
Most of us have been in that awkward situation: You'll be talking to your friends, when suddenly you start coughing – nothing unusual about that.
But then, out of the blue, a fart slips out! Without any encouragement on your part your body automatically pushes out a fart in answer to a cough. Embarrassed by your body’s unexpected “malfunction”, you drop your head in shame and wonder how your throat, lungs and anus can be so intimately connected.
Wear a Flat-D pad and you dont have to worry about the odor associated with the gas emmission.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Flatulence, or farts, have always been a subject of embarrassment, although every human being does it, right? Imagine you are on a date and you cannot control your farts; it can be very awkward, especially if they are extremely pungent!

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Can't smell my own flatulence

We get calls from people that say that they cannot smell their own farts. We suggest wearing a Flatulence Deodorizer pad when in public so you wont get that stink eye from others. Here is an article of a person who has the problem....

Little Mix say Perrie Edwards' worst habit is she farts in front of them and doesn't care because she can't smell her own flatulence.
The 23-year-old singer was born with no sense of smell and she documents her lack of nasal power in the girl group's new book 'Our World'.
Although she can't smell, Perrie still has a strong sense of taste but her admission left Phillip Schofield astonished during an interview on UK TV show 'This Morning' on Thursday (10.20.16).
She said: "I wasn't born with a sense of smell, I don't know what happened. It's really bizarre, I can taste. So when I have food I can taste everything, every little ingredient."

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Flatulence discussion

Flatulence and body odors are difficult to talk about. We have a high percentage of people purchase our products for their loved ones. (Especially at Christmas time)
Here's an article----
Farts and yawns and bad breaths and body odor are all issues that we tend to not speak about because of embarrassment. Thank you for writing in about something that’s way too personal. You should speak to your husband, not in an insulting or in a way to embarrass him, but to just let him know that he needs to clean his bowels before he comes to sleep. Don’t operate about this from the standpoint of disgust and embarrassment, operate from the point of love and concern. When we say, we need to love the one in their good and bad times… it also means putting up with such moments. Maybe, I would not appreciate bad breaths and the sound or smell of the fart, but I would definitely appreciate that it comes as a part and parcel of the person I love. Speak to him, love. Speak to him. Also take the advice of a doctor, if need be.

Monday, August 22, 2016

No flatulence food items

Most articles focus on the list of foods that causes flatulence. These are foods that have high carbohydrate contents, especially when they are not properly chewed and digested. However, it may be impossible to avoid all these foods because most of the nutritious foods that your body requires can cause flatulence. What you can do instead is to focus on the foods that are less likely to cause flatulence. Here are six food groups that you can eat without worrying about suffering from flatulence.
1. Non-gassy proteins
Foods that are rich in protein do not really cause flatulence, except when they are not properly chewed and digested. There are some protein-rich foods that do not give off too much gas like grass fed lean beef, white meat like chicken and turkey, hard cheese, peanut butter, fish, and eggs. These foods are not only stomach-friendly. They are also good for people who are on a diet.
2. Vegetables with low carbohydrates
The main culprit as to why people suffer from stomach gas problems is carbohydrates. This is why it is important to eat low carbohydrate foods like low carbohydrate vegetables since you cannot completely avoid carbohydrates in your diet. Some examples of carbohydrates are carrots, celery, cucumber, fennel, eggplant, green beans, herbs, greens, mushrooms, okra, pumpkin, radicchio, scallions, snow peas, tomatoes, zucchini, chives, and peppers.
3. Fruits with low sugar content
Sugars found in fruits are known to cause flatulence. This type of sugar is called fructose. What you can do is to eat fruits with low sugar content like apples, certain berries, apricots, guavas, melons, grapefruit, pears, peaches, papayas, lime, lemon, plums, kiwis, watermelons, and nectarines. It is better to eat these fruits raw. Canned fruits may have additional sugar content that may cause bloating and flatulence.
4. Wheat alternatives
Wheat is difficult to digest, which is why it is one of the main causes of flatulence. You can still enjoy bread, pasta, and other foods by using wheat alternatives like corn, rice, millet, and wild rice. You can also use quinoa flour for baking bread and nut meal for cookies and cakes. Instead of choosing pasta made of wheat, you can use pasta that comes from rice, corn, or quinoa flour.
5. Dairy substitutes
Lactose is another form of sugar that can cause discomfort to your stomach. You can eat dairy substitutes made from soya like cheese, yogurts, and desserts; milk made from oat, almond, rice, and soya; and yeast flakes.
6. Avocado, humus, tahini, and guacamole
For sandwich spreads and salad dressings, you can use these foods that do not cause flatulence. They are also healthier than other kinds of spreads and dressings.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Flatulence Tidbits

Here's a few tidbits about flatulence from GQ magazine.
“Your colon will not explode if you don’t pass the gas,” says Dr. Lisa Ganjhu, a gastroenterology professor at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York, which reassures me more than it should. It will just be more embarrassing when it finally happens. “The longer you hold it in, the more uncomfortable you may be, and the pressure builds up. And that pressure just causes more bloating and discomfort and pain.”
For most of the people I talked to, the stench was the biggest concern. Most often, Ganjhu says, that comes from two things: the foods you eat (think trendy cruciferous vegetables, like brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale; and nitrogen-rich fare, like red meat) and how much poop you have hanging out in your bowels. “It’s important not to get constipated,” she says, “and just have regular bowel movements to try to empty everything out, both the air and the stool, to help with the odor.”
He wasn’t ashamed of the fart, per se. “I was just embarrassed that I failed so badly to keep it a secret.”
I just assumed that, at some point, I’d feel comfortable enough in our relationship to accept that he was going to see the real me—farts and all. But, a little over a year in, that day has yet to come.
“There are certain times when we’ve outlawed farting,” Simon says. “One: eating. No farts around eating. And closed spaces, like the elevator. Honestly, she's worse about that than I am. And my last place is the bedroom. No farts in the bed, particularly because it leads down to dutch ovens*.”