Sunday, November 1, 2009

Remove odor from clothes with Flat-D

Universal Deodorizer- Unique gift – Bag that removes odors from your clothes!

Cedar Rapids, IA– November 1, 2009 — Flat-D Innovations Inc. has developed an odor absorbing bag that will remove the smells from clothes that are placed inside it. The Universal Deodorizer Bags absorb nuisance odors, like smoke and perspiration, out of clothing articles. The bags are made of activated charcoal cloth, which removes odor molecules from clothing, shoes, and other garments. This prevents those smelly items from contaminating clean clothing in your closet or suitcase. No need to find a laundry machine to wash your clothes anymore while traveling.

Brian Conant, President of Flat-D Innovations Inc., says: “We came up with the idea while vacationing in Las Vegas. After being in the casinos, surrounded by smoke, we noticed upon returning to our room, the smell of the smoke still lingered in our clothing.” Since the trip was only 3-days long, he felt it wasn’t necessary to do laundry. Again, like in previous trips he has made to Las Vegas, all of his clothing in the suitcase smelled like smoke, including the clean garments. This inspired the idea of using an activated charcoal material to make a laundry bag. Now when he travels, all of his dirty clothes are placed into this laundry bag, preventing clothing outside the bag from being contaminated.

Smoke gets on your clothes, making it necessary to clean the clothes before you wear them again. The average cost to dry clean a suit is $11, and $2 to clean a shirt. Not to mention the time and inconvenience of going to the dry cleaners, and having to go back to pick them up. With this bag people will not have to wash or clean their clothes to wear them after one night at the bar or casino.

The bags were tested by the Rachael Ray Show and by the Washington Post in 2009. Both gave rave reviews as to the efficacy of the product. See the Youtube video on company website

People who travel will use the deodorizing Laundry Bag because they want to keep soiled and smelly clothes away from the clean clothes in their luggage. This product is now distributed by

Soccer Moms will also be able to get rid of the odor on Shin Guards with the Utility Satchel.

The Universal Deodorizer products are washable and can be reactivated to 90% with the heat of a dryer, thus rejuvenating it for years of use. Activated Charcoal is a passive technology so it takes some time (several hours) to pull odors out of cloth. A very Green product!!!

Flat-D Innovations, Inc. is a 7-year-old FDA registered company, listed with the Better Business Bureau, and has a significant roll in combating the very large world of odor control problems. They manufacture highly effective activated charcoal products that have been distributed to over 40 countries world-wide.

For a more information and interviews with Brian Conant, please contact Frank Morosky, Vice-President, of Flat-D Innovations, Inc.

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